Wallet as a Service

Companies looking to cross over to the financial sphere are now able to offer their own white label wallet, featuring curated and vetted financial technology solutions. This wallet enables collaboration between companies and third party providers, leveraging data aggregation.


  • Full set up
  • Wallet with banking services
  • Integration of solutions to the platform such as: virtual cards, P2P, PFM, savings, remittances, micro insurance, micro investments, robo advisors and more.

Benefits for Financial Institutions

Achieve alternative revenue sources and monetize APIS

Cross-sell opportunity

Data aggregation model

Benefits for Corporates

Leverage current large client base, and drive loyalty, traffic and new revenue streams

Achieve a faster time-to-market by partnering with financial institutions and  leveraging their licensing agreement

Strengthen brand equity and embed further in the life of the consumer, accessing different touch points along their journey

Gain deeper understanding of customer preferences and behaviors to tap into new business opportunities

What does this use case enable a company to achieve?

Companies with a large customer base can now offer financial services without the need of a banking license. This service facilitates the access to new products and players, seamlessly integrating into the consumer’s lifestyle in every step of the client journey. Wallet as a Service allows users to create a digital account, transfer money, create a virtual card, make deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and access loyalty programs.