Open Banking as a Service

Partner with Third-Party Providers (TPPs) and give your customers more ownership over their current and saving accounts plus credit cards. Complying with regulatory requirements and leading the Open Banking trend in your local market has never been so easy.

The Problem

Traditional Financial Institutions (FIs), lack the agility and flexibility they need to keep the pace of technology. Enhancing service offerings and/or improving customer experience could turn into complicated endeavors for any FI without an Open API infrastructure.

The Solution

FinConecta provides a turnkey solution for any FI eager to embrace the Open Banking business model. The Open API infrastructure provided by FinConecta´s platform 4WRD is designed to tackle the most relevant FI needs from a technological perspective at a fraction of the cost. The FI integrated to 4wrd ´s Open Banking Module is able to launch its own branded Developer Portal. Through this Developer Portal, the FI exposes 4wrd´s APIs to connect with developers and enable monetization. The technological infrastructure allows access to a curated set of FinTechs, onboarding of third-party providers, management of multiple relationships, tracking of KPIs, reporting,  testing in Sandbox, implementation, and launch in a production environment.


  • Time to market
  • Low Cost
  • PaaS subscription business model
  • Data
  • New revenue streams



  • Branded Developer Portal
  • Pre Developed standardized API catalog
  • API Manager
  • TPP Kanban
  • Metrics & Reporting
  • Sandbox and Simulated data for testing
  • Billing
  • Access to curated sets of Solutions (Digital Store)