B2B Marketplace as a Service

The marketplace business model is an interconnected integrated ecosystem, owned or operated by any company (not necessarily a financial institution) that brings multiple B2B vendors (providers) and Financial Institutions/Merchants/Retailers (customers) together on a shared platform.

On top of enabling high-quality digital experiences, the marketplace model strategy empowers the operator to add new revenue streams through cross-selling and up-selling with data analytics.

The Problem

The launch of a B2B marketplace requires a solid technological infrastructure to solve interoperability problems and manage multiple relationships. 

The Solution

4WRD’s platform can be the engine to launch a B2B digital solutions marketplace. The platform provides the tools for providers´  registration and relationship management, as well as allowing integrations with the customer´s core systems whether they are financial institutions, retailers, merchants, or end-users. The operator of a  two-sided marketplace benefits from expanding its current digital offering, leveraging data, and tapping into new revenue streams from all the activity registered within the platform.


  • Time to market
  • Low Cost
  • PaaS subscription business model
  • Data
  • New revenue streams


  • Branded B2B Marketplace
  • Pre Developed standardized API catalog
  • API Manager
  • TPP management tool
  • Metrics & Reporting
  • Sandbox and simulated data for testing
  • Billing
  • Access to curated sets of Solutions (Digital Store)