Open Innovation

FinConecta expands the framework, functionality, and benefits of Open Banking to non-financial institutions, allowing them to integrate third party solutions, accelerate time to market, and design new business models based on data and API monetization.

Through Open Innovation, corporations gain access to a vast array of state-of-the-art solutions that yield to a remarkable end-to-end customer experience, hence to diversified revenue streams.


  • Integration to 4wrd
  • Generation of standard APIs
  • Design and execution of the Developer Portal
  • Maintenance of the infrastructure


Expand customer reach with new channels and new ways to meet unbanked and underbanked customers

Create new revenue streams, easy-to-use and flexible way to monetize APIs

Expand to new business models by integrating banking more closely with client’s lifestyle

Continuous innovation, agile and fast

What does this use case enable a company to achieve?

With this new model, non-financial institutions can engage customers, offer them new products and services, and work with third parties to bring these new propositions to market.