Open Banking Lab

Open Banking Lab provides a non-integrated branded Developer Portal that allows testing new solutions, run proof of concepts, validate third-party capabilities, manage a portfolio of digital solutions, execute innovation programs; all in one single place


  • Access a fully branded Developer Portal including our normalized API Catalog
  • Test & manage solutions against our BankBot (simulated data), run proof of concepts, validate third-party capabilities
  • Experiment and execute innovation programs & hackathons
  • Access, build, and share new solutions


No core banking integration requiered.

No exposure of banking data.

Dramatically reduce time & cost of testing third- party digital solutions; Multiple FinTechs can be tested simultaneously.

Facilitate engagement and visibility to all key stakeholders.

Determine any gaps in terms of API and/or Data Lake needs,
compliance with regulations (i.e. PSD2, GDPR, PII, etc).

What does this use case enable

a company to achieve?

Financial Institutions can achieve continuous innovation, and connect with third party providers, developers and other parties through a comprehensive,
customized Developer Portal.

Embrace open innovation by running proof of concepts prior to fully committing to integrating a solution. The platform provides the elements needed for the initial validation of capabilities and user experience of the fintech solutions.

See Banking as a Service.