as a Service

Marketplace as a Service provides financial institutions and corporates with an entry into an exponential world of opportunities. By being the Operating Partner of a Marketplace, a company is able to open their own APIs, monetize them, generate a slew of new solutions based on the interaction and integration of third party players, and expand the business model.

A Marketplace is an interconnected set of services enabling users to fulfill a variety of needs in one integrated experience.


  • Act as a gateway that reduces the friction customers encounter when they are forced to switch between related services. Users can acquire a variety of products and services by having access to a single platform.
  • Use network effects for strategic scale advantage.
  • Integrate data to create value-added products and services, and superior customer experience.
  • Integrate solutions from other marketplaces to your institution’s marketplace (and vice versa), creating an augmented “Marketplace of Marketplaces”.


Lower customer acquisition costs, enabling automation on a large scale, and allowing customers to buy a variety of products and services on a single platform

Create significant value by identifying unserved customers and cross selling products and services

Enhance customer relationships and retention, by transforming how companies engage with customers, meeting specific customer needs, and offering frictionless experiences

Provide access to data and monetize it, enabling companies to obtain massive amounts of highly accurate information

What does this use case enable

a company to achieve?

Institutions can create a network of companies, individual contributors, institutions, and customers to generate mutual value. In consumer-oriented digital markets, ecosystems are being enabled by standard technological platforms that allow devices, applications, data, products, and services to work together in new ways. For example, insurance companies can collaborate with telecommunications providers to create new pay-per-use insurance products based on shared data.