of Digital Solutions

FinConecta integrates its proprietary middleware 4wrd to financial and non-financial institutions’ IT stack, and through one single connection grants access to multiple third party solutions in a simple, fast, and efficient way.


  • Integration of 4wrd to the company’s IT stack
  • End-to-end Integration to third party solutions through 4wrd
  • Access to 100+ pre-validated and carefully selected solutions based on different technologies such as AI, data analytics, machine learning, blockchain, etc.
  • Access to API management tool and sandbox for testing


No need to upgrade the IT stack to start the integration.

End-to-end integration is carried out remotely, accomplished in 3-8 weeks, at a fraction of the cost.

No need to expand the institution’s IT team’s resources and capacity.

Accelerate time to market, keeping the flexibility in a true plug-n-play, pay-per-use modality (Software as a Service model).

What does this use case enable

a company to achieve?

Clients have demanded for quite some time faster, friction-less, user-friendly products and services for their financial institutions. This process, as traditionally carried, is long, cumbersome and expensive -hence the delayed and spotted progress of the financial sector around digital transformation.
FinConecta’s value proposition solves all these issues, by offering a single connection that gives access to a vast variety of third party solutions from around the world. Besides, this integration process does not collide with the institutions’ technology plan, because it is conducted entirely by FinConecta’s team, remotely and seamlessly. A key opportunity of embracing open tech architecture is the conversion from capital expenditure to pay-per-use, freeing up capital and improving the balance sheet in a sizable way.

*Available for Financial Institutions, Corporate, and Small Businesses