Developer's Guide

Welcome to the Developer Portal


Signing up is very simple!


Our APIs have been designed to accommodate your needs and have proven to be successful in multiple use cases, enabling innovative business opportunities. We provide clear and simple documentation to facilitate your integration.


New to the Portal?

Create your account by clicking the Sign-up button. Start by filling out a short form to complete your user’s profile, don’t forget to check the Terms and Conditions!


If your company has not been registered, you’ll get the option to select your type of Entity. Select “Solution Provider” (as a FinTech, Vendor, or Third-Party Provider) and fill in the fields with your company’s general information. Finally, provide us with information regarding your solution. 


  • Type the name of the company in the designated field
  • Select the option: “The company does not exist, let’s create it.”

Type of Entity

  • Select <Solution Provider> and click Next according to your entity type.

Company Information

  • Complete the information related to your entity in the “Company Information,” “Business Profile,” and “Additional Information” sections

Solution Information

  • Add information about the product(s) you developed in the ” Solution Information section.” 
  • Tell us all about your Solutions! Only fields marked with a star are mandatory, but we suggest you provide as much information as possible so that everyone can better understand your product.


At any time, while you complete the registration forms, you can review the information provided by clicking on the Back button. Once you have completed filling in all the required information, click on Finish and Upload Information.


Before your registration gets approved, your information has to be reviewed by our team. As a developer, once you have this access authorization, you will be able to have visibility over the platform functionalities according to your role, “ENTITY_ADMIN” is the one we recommend.

Also, now that you are approved you have been automatically assigned 5 Customers and Transactions from Bankbot to start testing your Solution and the APIs.

Our APIs

Ready to integrate into our Testing Environment?

Now that you are registered, you can start testing your Solution!

In the sidebar under APIs, you can find all our APIs, browse our API Catalog, check the categories or even manage your APIs. To start using them, click on the card you want and select “Request Approval.” The Portal Administrator will get notified and will have to approve your request before using the API, but you can still check the API Documentation.


To start using any API:

  • Go to APIs in the main menu
  • Select the API card and flip it with a click
    • On the cards, you can find information about it, such as a description, certifications, or if it is integrated with BankBot.
  • On the selected card click on
    • Request Approval to let the Portal Administrator know that you want to use the API, they’ll have to approve it before you can start to use it.
    • View API to check all the APIs documentation, examples, and errors, or even download Postman Collections to start testing them. By default, you will be reviewing a testing environment documentation, Bankbot’s. In the upper right corner, you can choose which documentation you want to see.
  • Once your request has been approved, you will get an email letting you know you have been approved. Here you will find instructions to retrieve your Solution’s Consumer Key and Consumer Secret, which you’ll need to get authorization from 4WRD.
  • You can view the set of approved or pending approval APIs under the “My APIs” tab and also find the library of APIs you have subscribed to

The application ID and Secret key are unique and private credentials that allow FinConecta to safely identify your app in the Portal and not share this information with unauthorized people.


To use any API, first, you will need to call the Authorize API, so we can recognize that you have access to the platform and your solution has been approved. Next comes the Create Access Token API, which we use to make sure the credentials you are using as a customer are valid.

To subscribe to other APIs within the catalog, follow the same process. Flip the API card with a click and request approval. Consent to access other APIs will be granted to the same Secret and Key.

Apply to a Need or Challenge

Accept the challenge!

Another way you can test your solution and integrate it is through a Need. Some of them are related to a Challenge, while others may only be specific Needs and pain points that are trying to be solved. These are posted by either the Portal Administrator or a specific Financial Institution. You’ll find a description with information about what they are looking for and the recommended APIs for you to consider. 

In the menu sidebar, look for the Needs section. There, you can see all the needs posted within your portal. Go, explore, and find something that looks interesting to you and your company, or that you think your Solution would be a good fit for. 

Once you do, you’ll only have to apply!

Once you find a Need that catches your attention,

  • Click on the Card to flip it over 
  • On “More Information,” you’ll find an Overview of this Need, the requirements, the recommended APIs, and a section to check your Application
  • Click on “Apply to Solve Need” on the card or at the top right of the Need’s information and complete the application form
    • Your Application will be reviewed by the Financial Institution that posted this need/challenge, if they find your application a good match for what they are looking for, you’ll get an email notification.
    • A second approval is needed from the financial institution’s team before you can start testing your solution.

Once your application is approved for Sandbox, you will automatically be subscribed to the APIs recommended for the Need.  You can verify the APIs you are subscribed to by finding them under the “My APIs” tab. Now you can start to build.

You can start testing or developing your Solution for this specific Need, testing it against Bankbot or the FI’s core. Don’t forget that you’ll have to submit a prototype for the FI within your Application to test it and decide if that is what they are looking for.

Best of luck!

Start Testing with a Postman Collection

Warming up!

Once you have successfully subscribed to selected APIs or been Approved for a Need, you are ready to start testing with a Postman Collection. We provide you with a couple of Postman Collections separated by API Groups, Use Cases, or Institutions, so you can choose what suits you best. Choose one, download it, check the documentation as a guideline, and start testing!


To start testing:

  • Go to APIs in the main menu
  • Select the API resource card and flip it with a click 
  • On the selected card, click on View API
  • Go to Overview, and on the top right, you can select the Institution’s Postman Collection that you are looking for 
  • Click the download button to get your Postman Collection
  • Once you have it downloaded, import it to Postman
  • Click on the collection, go to variables, and change the key & secret with the one given to your Solution
    • To get them, go to Services > Gateway Subscriptions, select your solution and get the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret
  • The Institution should provide you with a username and a password, for the “customer” or account that you would be testing with
  • Make sure the provider variable matches the institution you are trying to integrate to 
    • If you are not sure if you have that variable right, you can always contact the Portal Administrator 
  • Once you have all the variables set correctly, you can start testing. Run the Authorize API to generate the application, your solution, and access token
  • Next, run the Create Access Token API to generate the customer access token that your institution provided you with
  • Now you can run any API that you select


If you have questions regarding the Postman Collection or the Documentation, do not hesitate to contact us at

Make an API Call

Start testing!

Now comes the fun part! Start building with BankBot, our banking data simulator.

When integrating, we suggest you follow the documentation of the APIs and make a call through HTTPS to an authorized API. The platform supports OAuth2 Client Authentication to generate an access token that will only be valid for a limited time. This access token allows you to make a call, like a transfer or an account inquiry. As soon as the access token expires, you must request it again.

To start integrating, you must check what information you have available to test. To do this, you can use our Bankbot.

From the main menu, go to Bankbot. Here you can find “Customers” and “Transactions” synthetic data. You can find the information assigned to you automatically when registering 5 Customers and some Transactions related to them. The data sets can be filtered by the type of transaction, such as payments, deposits, or transfers. Think of Bankbot as an actual bank where you can test your Solution through our APIs without having to go through real integrations and without any repercussions if anything happens.


Our API documentation will teach you to know how to format HTTPS calls. Complete the required information and start building your application in a controlled environment.


If you cannot find the information about customers or transactions, you need to test your solution, or have any inquiries regarding our documentation, just let us know! You can open a ticket, go to Services > Tickets and ask away, or just contact us via email.

Check Transactions under "Metrics"

Track your API calls

To ensure you and the financial institutions can see the API calls, we provide you with Metrics to check your API Calls. 

On the sidebar Menu, just click on Metrics. Bank Simulators shows transactions with Bankbot, Sandbox will show you your API calls once integrated with the Institution’s core in a testing environment, and Production will show you actual API calls with the Institution’s core.

Under Metrics, you will be able to filter by “API,” “Target”, “Solution,” or “Date Range”  depending on what you want to see, you can filter further in a specific period, i.e. by Year or by Month. Top solutions, the most active ones, will also be displayed. Last but not least, you can also compare all your Successful and Failed API calls in a graph.

When you finish the testing stage with Bankbot and in the Sandbox, our team will give you all the support you need to take the application into production. 


Do not forget that we are here to help you with whatever we can!

Make Transactions with a Financial Institution’s Core

You are ready to connect to Bank’s core now!

Once you have tested your Solution against Bankbot and are confident the APIs are working for you, you can request to integrate into a Bank’s core. Or perhaps a Financial Institution saw your Solution, reviewed your profile, saw your API calls under Metrics, and decided to contact you because they liked what they saw! 

Whatever the case, you are ready now to integrate into an actual Core, no more Bankbot. To do so, there are two options, as mentioned before.

If you want to integrate to a core and request it on your own, follow these steps:

  • Click on APIs in the sidebar main menu
  • Go to My APIs and select the API card that you want to request access
  • Once you flip the card, click on Core Banking Selection
  • Select the Financial Institution you want to integrate to
    • Here you might have multiple options to select, and you’ll be able to see which core you are already approved to, pending approval, or available to request access
    • Once you select a core, the Financial Institution will get an email to approve or reject the request
  • You’ll get notified on how to get the provider code for the FI’s core
  • APIs > My APIs > Click on the API card you requested access to and select the core that you want to integrate to, the code is on the back of the card

The other option is if your Portal Owner gives you access to it directly. As mentioned above, if they have already checked your Solution and want you to integrate it into their core, they can give you access. You will get a notification on how to get it, and you can get the Provider/Entity code once you have been approved to use it as a variable for your integration.

Do not forget that the APIs and the documentation might be different for Bankbot compared to the Financial Institution you are trying to integrate into! Always check the documentation, and if you have any doubts, remember that your Portal Administrator and FinConecta are here to help you!

Good Luck integrating! We hope this guide was helpful to you. 

Still Lost and Want More Help?

Need more information? Please request our Solution Provider Manual to walk you through FinConecta‘s platform.