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We are a technology company that brings together digital solutions and businesses in the financial world and beyond. Our platform, 4wrd, accelerates digital transformation and Open Banking, facilitating different use cases and new business opportunities.

Made in Miami, impacting the world.

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Introducing Open Finance

Driving Innovation beyond Open Banking, Open Finance enables FIs to progress in their digital transformation journey: from experimenting and testing, running POCs, to fully deployed solutions.

We connect what FIs need when they need it, ramping up their functionality, customer experience, and time to market.

How do we do it?

FinConecta offers a unique integration model to our platform 4wrd through one single integration, accelerating time to market at a fraction of the cost.

Traditional Model

Point to point connections where each solution requires new and separate integrations.

FinConecta Model

One single connection facilitates the integration of several solutions.

Meet the Platform

4wrd (forward) is FinConecta’s proprietary middleware and is built on the foundation of the most modern and reliable technological infrastructure of APIs and ESB, creating a modular, flexible, and scalable structure capable of enabling Open Banking and Open Innovation.

4wrd main benefits

  • Single integration, access to multiple solutions
  • Launch applications up to 10 times faster than on their own!
  • Build an ecosystem and bring together multiple players
  • Create new revenue streams by monetizing APIs
  • Expand offer to clients by adding digital services
  • Third party technology solutions deploy services worldwide with a single integration

FinConecta Services

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