Wallet as a Service

Customers are increasingly demanding integrated solutions that allow them to perform all kinds of digital financial services, from payments and transfers to lending and loyalty programs, all seamlessly integrated through a single interface.

The Problem

As a Financial Institution or non-Financial Institution, the launch of a branded digital wallet requires a secure, flexible, and scalable technological infrastructure designed to facilitate multi-players interactions and new technologies adoption.

The Solution

4wrd’s platform can be the orchestrator behind a robust payments ecosystem. The platform provides the tools for solution providers’ registration and relationship management, as well as allowing integrations with the Financial Institution (FI) core system. The wallet operator (FI, retailer, merchant, other) benefits from improving the customer experience and expanding its current digital offering, leveraging data, and tapping into new revenue streams.


  • Time to market
  • Low Cost
  • New revenue streams
  • PaaS subscription business model
  • Data



  • Branded digital wallet
  • Pre Developed standardized API catalog
  • API Manager
  • TPP management tool
  • Metrics & Reporting
  • Sandbox and simulated data for testing
  • Billing
  • Access to curated sets of Solutions (Digital Store)