Banking as a Service

As a third-party provider (TPP) are you ready to partner with Financial Institutions (FIs) to be part of new API-based business models? Banking-as-a-Service is a concept related to Open Banking, that goes beyond data sharing and allows non-financial institutions the offer financial services embedded into their applications.

The Problem

In these business models, TPPs struggle to connect with traditional  FIs.  Inflexible legacy IT stacks and the lack of developed APIs are some of the most common roadblocks that TPPs have to deal with. Building an in-house technology infrastructure that facilitates the integration of multiple payers is a lengthy and costly project that requires dedicated resources with deep technical expertise.

The Solution

FinConecta provides all the technological infrastructure and tools to connect with TPPs, comply with Open Banking Regulation, and monetize. Through the integration of its core banking system, the FI is able to expose its backend capabilities and infrastructure through its own Developer Portal to TPPs that want to add financial services to their products. The FI can monetize backend products such as BPM and KYC process, leveraging new business models and creating new revenue streams. 


  • Time to market
  • Low Cost
  • PaaS subscription business model
  • Data
  • New revenue streams


  • Pre Developed standardized API catalog
  • Branded Developer Portal
  • API Manager
  • TPP management tool
  • Metrics & Reporting
  • Sandbox and simulated data for testing
  • Billing
  • Access to curated sets of Solutions (Digital Store)