Digital Bank

This use case allows Financial Institutions to expand their business model, creating their own Digital Bank. A true Digital Bank is built on the value proposition that most products and services are born and delivered digitally.


  • Integration of third party tech solutions to current core banking or a new dedicated one
  • Front & Back-end of the Digital Bank
  • Features: Account Opening, P2P, QR code, Insurance, Investments


Leverage technology solutions to move towards scalable and exponentially growing business models, without the complexity of building and maintaining a technology infrastructure

Generate strategic alliances that allow collaborative work between different players

Shift from fixed costs to variable costs, by paying per use

Increase the market value of the traditional parent bank

What does this use case enable

a company to achieve?

Based on advanced business models and innovative strategies, Digital Banks can offer easy-to-use interfaces, low priced services and lifestyle based products. With this new concept of banking, the standalone Digital Bank can offer financial digital products with a digital native structure.

A financial institution can also launch a parallel Digital Bank, using the core banking system or creating a new modular one.