Awareness Tools

FinConecta has identified 5 domains that must be addressed for a successful digital transformation which include: Business Model, Approach to Innovation, Technology Model, Client Engagement, and Culture & Organization. Even though they are presented separately, they are all intertwined in such a way that a successful Digital Transformation cannot be achieved if one or more domains are not effectively and holistically developed.

These domains are the foundation of our Awareness Tools (Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment and Simulation Game), providing a framework that portraits digital transformation beyond just technology.

Business Model: Value Proposition, Target Market, Market Analytics, Additional Revenue Streams, Approach to Costs, Use of Data, Partnerships

Approach to Innovation: Purpose, Leadership, Methodology, Time frame

Technology Model: Architecture, Infrastructure, Organization, Methodology

Customer Engagement: Purpose, Customer 360, Process and Methodology, Communication Channels

Culture & Organization: Culture, Leadership, Talent, Organizational Design

FinConecta offers two Awareness Tools:


A learning solution based on gamification

ACELERA is the first Digital Transformation Simulation Game in the Financial Industry. It supports FI’s efforts to upskill the executive team, in order to meet the demands of the new normal, showcasing digital transformation beyond technology.


Participating Executives

DTRA – Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment:

An assessment about digital maturity

This self-assessment tool is designed to assess the current readiness of Digital Transformation. It provides a baseline to either start or calibrate FI’s digital transformation journey, along 5 domains of digital transformation. DTRA provides a roadmap to assign resources, and measure ROI.


Self-assessed Institutions



Provide a safe environment to make strategic decisions, leveraging gamification

Challenge preconceptions, motivating the exploration of new alternative solutions

Change the conversation in a matter of hours

What does this tool enable a company to achieve?

The mandate of this time is to reinvent the business model, and executive mindset is a core component of it. Achieving a tipping point fast is of utmost importance.
Players participate in rich discussions with their team members (up to 100 divided into 7 teams) along different scenarios that showcase digital transformation use cases, and have the opportunity to interact with experts during the debriefs.
This simulation game can be easily added to financial institution’s executive education roadmap.


This tool is designed to assess the current readiness status of Digital Transformation. It provides a deeper understanding of current challenges and opportunities, as a first step to design a successful Digital Transformation strategy.


  • Online self assessment
  • 119 statements along 5 domains
  • Should be taken by CEOs and /or designated Senior Manager
  • Results and analysis are delivered in a report


Validate the strategy for digital transformation

Consider opportunities and challenges, while setting objectives for long, medium, and short terms

Follow up and measure the progress made during the implementation of the strategy

What does this tool enable a company to achieve?

Provide an institution a baseline of where it stands in terms of their digital transformation journey, along different dimensions. Showcases the interdependence of technology developments with other relevant aspects to consider.
After completing the self-assessment, the CEO receives a complete report, delivered in a debriefing session, comprising strengths and opportunities, as well as next steps.