Financial Institution's QuickStart Guide

Welcome to Your QuickStart Guide

Signing up is very simple! Let’s get you started.

Our Platform was created thinking of Financial Institutions such as yours, to accommodate to all your needs and any capabilities you might need, to enable innovative business opportunities!  We provide clear and simple documentation to facilitate your integration with FinTechs and for you to test them out.



New to the Portal?

Create your account by clicking the Sign up button. Start by filling out a short form to complete your user’s profile, don’t forget to check the Terms and Conditions!


If your company has not been registered yet, you’ll get the option to select your type of Entity. Select “Institution” (as a Financial Institution, or entity looking to use a FinTech solution) and fill the fields with your company’s general information. 


  • Type the name of the company in the designated field
  • Select the option: «The company does not exist, let’s create it»
    • If the company already exists just select it from the dropdown list

Type of Entity

  • According to your entity type, select <Institution> and then click Next

Company Profile

  • Complete the information related to your entity in this section, all fields are required


At any time, while you complete the registration forms, you can review the information provided by clicking on the Back button.

Once you have completed filling in all the required information, click on Finish and Upload Information.

Before your registration gets approved, your information has to be reviewed by our team. Once you have this access authorization, you will be able to have visibility over the platform functionalities according to your role, “ENTITY_ADMIN” is the one we recommend.

Find a Solution

Curious about the FinTechs already in our Catalog?

Now that you have access to the platform, you can start looking through our catalog of FinTechs and their solutions!

In the sidebar under Solutions Store, you can find all our FinTechs, see how the implementation process is going, or even create your lists of Solutions. To learn more about them, click on the card you want and select “View Page”.


To start:

  • Go to Solution Store in the main menu
  • Under Recommendations, you’ll see our recommendations according to your company profile. Select the Solution card and flip it with a click
    • On the cards, you can find information about it such as Countries where they operate, or the Languages and Currencies they support
    • Click on View Page, to see more information about the Solution
    • When you click on Start Implementation, it will bring the card to the Implementation Process tab
    • If you want to see all the Solutions available, click «View All Solutions»
  • You can check the solutions sorted by category type under Categories
  • The Implementation Process provides you with a Kanban, so you can keep track of the FinTechs that you are integrating and are interested in
  • Under My Lists, you can create your lists to sort the Solutions on your terms
  • The Consent tab shows you which Solutions have access to interact with your Core
    • If you click on it, you can manage the APIs access they have and enable and disable the solution to your liking
    • This module gives you the keys to managing who can access your core. As Entity Admin, you hold the keys to your core banking.


We have developed these features to help you find the best solutions and manage their integration. Still, if you would prefer to check the FinTechs, the company, and not their Solutions specifically, you can find them by going to Catalog > Entities.


You will notice that the Catalog is divided into “Solutions” and “Entities”. Any Fintech Company, the Entity,  can manage or have more than one Solution. 

Create a Need or Challenge

Looking for something specific, tailored specifically to your needs?

You’ve looked through all Solutions, but none of them convince you? Try posting a Need/Challenge!
Within the portal, you can create your Challenge, or create a specific Need regarding a pain point that is trying to be solved. A Challenge is just an accumulation of multiple Needs. Here you can specify a description of what are you looking for and select recommended APIs. Once posted, the Need will be notified to all the Fintechs in the platform. Once a FinTech has applied to your Need, you’ll be able to see where they are in the process of developing the solution on a Kanban board provided for you.

In the menu sidebar, look for the Needs section. There, you can see all the active Needs you posted. Create your own Need and see how the FinTechs start applying to solve your problem!

To create your Need just click on the Add New Button and complete the Public Information, where the Deadline and the Challenge section, if applicable, are two very important sections; the Overview, where you can explain the situation, what you are looking to achieve, desired buyer, etc to the Solution Providers; the Requirements, where you can specify more in-depth, what technologies you are using or looking to use, and also features that are indispensable for you; and the Recommended APIs sections, so the FinTechs can start testing their solution instead of them having to look around and figure out what would work for them.

As mentioned before, you’ll be able to see the FinTechs that have applied to your Need on a Kanban board. You can always reject an application by clicking on the three dots at the top.

This Kanban has 6 different columns:

  • Application Submitted, you can see all the Solutions that have applied to your Need, you’ll be responsible to move the card to the next stage when approved
  • Application Approved, now the Portal Owner needs to approve by moving the card to the following column to grant access to use the APIs you recommend
  • Approved for Sandbox, at this stage, the Solution has been granted access to the APIs and now it can transaction against Bankbot
  • Solution Under Testing, once the Solution makes any API call successfully the card will be automatically moved to this column and you can check the API calls under Metrics
  • Submitted Prototype, after testing their Solution against Bankbot, a prototype has to be uploaded for you to review and see if it solves the Need you have posted
  • Approved. Congratulations! You have found a solution that matches what you are looking for when you first created your Need

Now it’s time to test it against your Core Banking System!

Test Against Your Core

Start testing a Solution in your home fiel!

Once you have found a Solution that matches what you are looking for and have tested it against Bankbot, you can test it against your Core!

If you found the solution in our Catalog, or if you approved them after you posted a Need, whichever the case, you are ready now to integrate it into your Core Banking System, no more Bankbot. To do so, there are two options:

1. A solution wants to integrate into your core and has requested API access

2. You liked one and want to give them access to certain APIs.

Either way, you have to access the Consent Module. To do so:

  • Click on Solutions Store in the sidebar main menu
  • Go to the Consent tab
    • Here you’ll be able to see all the Solutions that have requested access to transact against your Core, approved or not, and add new Consents
  • To give consent to a Solution that has requested access to any API:
    • Click on the Solution, and here you’ll have to mark the “Enabled” check box to give consent to your core
    • Once you mark the box, you can approve the consent to any API or even add more APIs for this Solution
  • To create a new consent for a Solution:
    • Click on the “Add New” button and then on “Consent”
    • On the Data Client dropdown select the Solution you are looking for and on Data Provider select your Core
    • Once you mark the box, you can add APIs for this Solution by clicking on “Add API”, Selecting one API, and clicking the “Approved” check box


With this, the Solution Provider is going to be able to start integrating with your core directly. You can still check the API calls under Metrics, and we recommend that you schedule a call with them to better explain how your system works. At FinConecta we are happy to help with anything that you may need.


Good luck with the integration!


For a more simple and quicker test, we have a Bank simulator!

Bankbot is a Bank simulator, that replicates how a real bank operates so that you can test any solution as much as you want with data personalized to your needs!

Whenever a FinTech registers to the platform with their Solution/s, they get automatically assigned 5 Customers, and Transactions related to them, so they can test on their own. These datasets are generated internally by our Core with synthetic data, made specifically for testing purposes. 

If you have any doubts regarding Bankbot or would like to know more about it, how it works, why is it set up like that, etc. you can contact your Portal Owner or contact us at


Track your API calls

To ensure you and the FinTechs can see the API calls, we provide you with Metrics to check the API Calls all Solution Providers are making. 


On the sidebar, Menu click on Metrics

  • Bank Simulators show transactions with Bankbot
  • Sandbox will show you all the API calls once a Solution Provider has integrated with your testing environment
  • Production will show you actual API calls with your Core

You will be able to filter by “API”, “Services”, “Solution”, or “Date Range”  depending on what you want to see, you can filter further in a specific period of time, i.e. by Year or by Month. 

Top solutions show you the most active Solutions. 

Last but not least, in a graph, you can also compare all the Successful and Failed API calls by all Solution Providers.

When you are done with having a Solution test against Bankbot, our team will give you all the support you need to take the integration to your Core. 


Do not forget that we are here to help you with whatever we can!

Still Lost and Want More Help?

Need more information? Please request our Solution Provider Manual to walk you through FinConecta’s platform.